Case Studies

Case Study - Winter Construction

Challenge: The client required the installation of two bolted steel storage tanks during one of the harshest winters in Saskatchewan, Canada. Temperatures reached as low as -30 deg. C.

Solution: Bolted steel storage tank panels are pre-cut, pre-punched, and coated prior to arrival on site. This means our experienced field crew simply bolted the tank parts together which meant once the tank was standing, it was ready for use. Our client was able to avoid a weld inspection, plus there was no need to wait for the tank to be coated, because it was completed before the parts arrived on site. In addition, utilizing our flat panel bolted steel tank design and our jack erection method, the project was delivered efficiently and smoothly." . The other advantage of our flat panel bolted steel tanks is the usage of jacks for installation - providing the most efficient and smooth assembly procedure.

Case Study - Confined Space

Challenge: A water resources company required installation of a 15ft (4.5m) diameter x 16ft (4.8m) tall bolted steel storage tank inside a building with existing equipment surrounding the work area resulting in a confined space working environment.

Solution: Bolted steel storage tanks' assembly-only method of installation allowed for a seamless and efficient construction process. With the use of small tools and scaffolding, STT Enviro Corp's field crew did not require the use of heavy rental equipment throughout the construction process allowing for cost and schedule savings.