Health & Safety

At STT Enviro Corp safety is our first priority.

We believe that we can prevent all injuries and safety incidents by employing the highest standards in our health and safety practices.

Everyone within our organization, including the vendors and suppliers we work with, have a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. Employee involvement is critical to a successful and safe work environment. That’s why STT worked hard to create a safety culture that protects, educates and empowers every member of our team.

Our Health and Safety program and activities include strict health and safety policies, training programs, risk assessments, incident investigations and measurement. We are continually auditing our policies and procedures to ensure that necessary changes are implemented in a timely manner when new information and standards come forward.

Our customers can feel confident that STT Enviro Corp employees are trained, prepared and committed to safety.

We have an proven track record of safety, as demonstrated by our ratings in third party auditing agencies such as ISNetworld Canada, ISNetworld US, and Avetta. We have also received the Certification of Recognition (COR).