Aluminum Vaults

Our experience in building aluminum vaults and custom architectural space frames means we can confidently recommend the right vault for your application.

We have installed aluminium vaults for a wide range of applications including coal storage, bulk raw materials, transportation infrastructure and terminal storage.

Consider these advantages:

  • Corrosion Resistance
    Aluminum is inherently corrosion resistant compared to other materials. It will last the lifetime of the structure without the need for painting or similar surface maintenances.
  • Low Lifetime Maintenance Cost
    With no need to maintain a protective finish to prevent corrosion over time, there are little-to-no maintenance costs associated with an aluminum dome.
  • Clear-Span Capability
    Aluminum’s lightweight characteristics allow for larger clear-span cover capability than structures utilizing steel, concrete and other materials.
  • Fast & Low-Cost Construction
    Creative design and lightweight components provide for installation in 1/3 the time it takes to install other cover systems. Less time, labour and equipment needs combine for a low total cost of installation.
  • Design Flexibility
    Aluminum’s excellent strength-to-weight ratios and creative component designs yield covers and structures that cannot be achieved with other materials.
  • Environmentally Responsible
    Not only our aluminum cover systems are recyclable after their service life, but also more than 50% of the aluminum used in our cover systems is made from recycled aluminum.