How do you repair a leak if it occurs?

Leaks can happen in all tanks, and bolted tanks are not exempt. The good news is that fixing a leak on a bolted tank is typically much quicker and more cost effective compared to other tanks.

Typically, if a leak were to occur it would be discovered during hydrotesting, as the tank joints are “stretched” into position. Adding additional sealant and tightening the bolts is all that is required to permanently seal the tank. Once a leak free hydrotest is achieved the chances of a leak developing without some external influence is remote.

If a leak does develop over time it can usually be solved just as it would if it was discovered during hydrotest, by adding some additional sealant and/or tightening the bolts. There is no need for expensive welding and coating repair. In fact, if the tank were to be punctured by an external influence it can be repaired by simply placing a bolt and nut in the hole with some mastic sealant.