How quickly can I load a truck?

There are two key factors affecting how quickly a truck can be loaded:

  1. The rate at which material can be fed into the truck.
  2. The efficiency in which operators and drivers can get the truck into position.
The Feed Rate can be maximized by utilizing drive-thru silos, which allow material to free flow by gravity out of the silo directly into the truck. The use of cameras and signaling lights allow the operator to provide accurate instructions to the truck driver to position the truck for filling quickly. To further speed up the process, loading spout positioners may be employed, allowing the operator to adjust the spout position to align with the filling port on the truck rather than the driver attempting to re-position the trailer.

Depending on the characteristics of the material being loaded, and the extent of technologies employed as discussed above, a truck can be loaded in as few as 3 to 6 minutes. It is important to understand the demand on the facility (i.e. trucks per hour) in order to select the most value-added approach to filling.