STT’s factory-trained construction crews can install tanks in many types of situations when field-welded steel and concrete applications cannot. Our crews are experts in both flat panel and chime panel construction and have built hundreds of tanks in accordance with factory training as well as AWWA requirements in almost every situation throughout Western Canada.

Flat Panel Construction

Flat panel tanks are typically assembled from the top down by using a jacking system thus eliminating the need for cranes.

These tanks are most often built by factory trained building crews who specialize in jacking system construction.

  1. First and last ring of panels and roof are safely constructed at ground level
  2. Tank is jacked up and successive rings are constructed from top down.
  3. The final ring is constructed and tank Jacks are removed from the tank.

Chime Panel Construction

STT is the only company that can offer jack-built chime panel tank assembly so customers can combine the robust design of a chime panel tank, with the construction advantage of flat panel.