Chime Tanks

HydroTec CS Chime Tanks originated in late 1800’s by our partner manufacturer CST Industries and traditionally have been designed for maximum structural design strength. They follow API-12B standard and are constructed with vertical panels and use gaskets as the sealing mechanism. The use of gaskets allow these tanks to be used for a wide range of applications, making them compatible with harsh liquids and severe operating conditions. The chime joints add additional stiffness to the tank’s structure.

  • Capacities up to 3,000,000 US Gallons
  • Expandable design
  • Suited for up to 93°C. (200° F) applications (continuous operations)
  • Incorporate vertical panels
  • Use gaskets as sealing means
  • Construction can utilize both scaffolding and jack system (STT only)

Jack- Built Chime Panel Tanks

STT is the first and the only supplier with the ability to jack build the Chime Panel tanks.

Now customers can combine the robust design of a chime panel tank with the construction advantage of flat panel. You get better quality at the same installed price!

  • Engineered and certified to ASME B30.1 standard
  • Improve installation time and reduce overall construction costs
  • Reduce potential hazards for employees working at heights
  • Reduce heavy lifting equipment on site

Our strength is integrating all of the important components of your complete system, and understanding how to source them from the best suppliers - starting with CST.