Liquid Storage

The right liquid storage system starts with the right design

We share your passion for providing top quality storage tanks on time and on budget, and we also recognize the importance of providing the necessary design information and documentation along the way.

Our in-house professional engineering team designs the tank to match your needs. We typically start with data gathering through meetings, discussions, and site assessments. From General Arrangements and P&ID’s down to logic diagrams and instrument data sheets, we can provide a complete set of project documents for a turnkey solution. Each of the industries we work in have their own unique requirements, from basic outlines to complex models rendered in 3D. We understand that each customer within each industry has their own unique preferences and requirements.

Just as we will work with you to develop a storage solution that best meets your needs, we will also work to develop a documentation package to best meet your requirements. Whether this is the first storage tank you have designed or specified, or one of dozens, we can help - we do as little or as much you need.

We have extensive experience installing systems in a wide range of industries including:


Water is one of the world’s most important resources and whether you need storage for potable water, firewater, or wastewater, we have the expertise to assist. We have worked closely with many municipalities and First Nations communities in solving their water storage needs. With our municipal experience dating back to the 1970’s, and thousands of installed tanks, STT is the trusted name in municipal water storage.


Mining projects are located in some of the most remote areas of the world, and the resources available where you are, are what you have to work with. Regardless of the process, mining applications are generally in need of various storage tanks. Our bolted storage tanks are designed to meet the needs of your application and reduce your capital cost significantly only by the virtue of bolted assembly. Our tank panels and parts get delivered to site in pieces (fits on flatbed truck) and a five man crew is able to install these tanks without requiring heavy lifting equipment.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas projects are located in challenging parts of Canada. Remote plants and extreme weather means the storage tanks need to be designed according to these unique requirements.

It is a well-known fact that Oil & Gas projects are of the highest regulated projects with the highest level of specifications to meet. We understand these requirements and have a full in-house team to adhere to such challenges. We have worked with many major Oil & Gas clients and consultants and have full understanding of the industries strict requirements.

STT Enviro Corp has invested hundreds of hours of research and development to ensure our bolted tank products are suited for the highest expectations and requirements on an Oil & Gas processing site. From pressure requirements in our designs, to the highest quality of coating to withstand the aggressive temperatures as high as 100 deg. C., as well as joint seals that are compatible with petroleum products and process chemicals, we have researched and tested all of these issues and have verified our technology to various end users.

Plus, our product is guaranteed to reduce your Capex cost, while often improving the quality of your storage tanks and reducing construction time.


Whether you need simple water, process water, or wastewater storage, our bolted storage tanks are well suited to meet the requirement. With our modular design and bolted construction, we can ensure you get a long lasting product with minimal maintenance requirements, while reducing your upfront cost.

Other Industries

If your specific industry is not listed above, it does not mean that we are not able to support your liquid storage needs. Our tanks suit various applications and industries - simply provide us with some information about your process and what you are storing in the tank such as liquid content, specific gravity, pH value, Temperatures and pressures. We will then be able to provide you with a reliable solution that would suit best.